LeBron James Gives Cleveland an Edge. Dallas, Your Move.

LeBron James Gives Cleveland an Edge. Dallas, Your Move.

In an interview -- strangely enough -- with CNN suspendered-geezer Larry King, the most coveted free agent in the history of sports is alluding to a hometown advantage.

And while LeBron James says the Cleveland Cavaliers have an edge, Dirk Nowitzki's best friend in basketball says he believes the giant German will stay in Dallas.

"I always assume that he's going to re-sign in Dallas," Nash told The Arizona Republic.

Don't we all?

The Mavericks have the ammunition to lure LeBron. They have an owner in Mark Cuban who's already been fined $100,000 for his public salivating. And they have websites and songs and the obligatory open letter from Dallas' Only Daily columnist Kevin Sherrington.

Dreaming is fun. But, really now, what chances do yo put on LeBron leaving Cleveland in general and heading to Dallas in particular?

Put me down for 1 percent.

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