Mayor Leppert is a Fan of The Fan. So There.

Mayor Leppert is a Fan of The Fan. So There.

Didn't think he'd do it. In fact, I dared him to do it.

I'll be damned if he didn't do it.

Soon as Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert settled in for his in-studio interview Wednesday on 105.3 The Fan, Greg Williams popped the question:

"Hey Mayor," said Greggo, "do you like your gig?"

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Somehow I stifled a giggle and made it through the rest of the interview, which you can hear in its entirety right about here.


In short, the mayor says:

*Yeah, he's bothered that ESPN picked Fort Worth's Sundance Square as its broadcast headquarters for Super Bowl XLV.

*He'll lobby long and hard for victory parades for the Rangers and Cowboys in downtown Dallas if and when they win their respective championships.

*Talks are already ongoing to keep Texas-OU at the Cotton Bowl past the current contract, which expires after 2015.

*He's got to do a better job about the city's pit bull problem.

*He doesn't have a clue whetherr Dez Bryant should've carried Roy Williams' shoulder pads, but he assumed I was going to carry his bags. Which I totally would've had he asked.

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