Peter King: Tony Romo is Good; The Cowboys are Better

Peter King: Tony Romo is Good; The Cowboys are Better

Talked with a guy I really respect this morning. Peter King has been watching and writing about NFL football for years and years. First met him out at Valley Ranch in the early 1990s and have read his stuff at Sports Illustrated ever since and now watch him on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

In the wake of Packers 17, Cowboys 7, King has a message for Dallas fans:

Step away from the ledge.

On the Cowboys:

"They're a playoff team. I think they're the best team in the NFC East."

On Tony Romo:

"To me I thiink he's a guy who can take your team deep into the playoffs. But he hasn't done it. And until he does it we'll all wonder if he can he do it? Romo knows it's out there. The only way to do it, to erase it, is basically to accomplish everything the Cowboys fans knows he needs to do."

On Roy Williams:

"I thought he was a No. 1 receiver at the time of the trade, and I don't think he is any more. I just haven't seen the results, and he's had plenty of time."

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