Radio Rumor: Gavin Returns to 105.3. Well, Sorta.

Radio Rumor: Gavin Returns to 105.3. Well, Sorta.

Actually, it's not a rumor. It's fact. But it's not that Gavin. As in Gavin Spittle, the guy who served for years as fodder for Russ Martin's shenanigans before moving to Houston.

No, this time the new face at 105.3 The Fan is Gavin Dawson. He apparently will arrive from Portland on March 29 to do ... afternoons?

My co-employers are tight-lipped about the details, but I do know that the midday extravanganza with Newy Scruggs and yours truly will remain unchanged.

Otherwise, stay tuned.

Oh, and since you're in a festive mood today come out to Duke's in Addison where The Fan is broadcasting live and in living color. First round is on me you.

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