R.I.P, Dallas Sports History

Better days, my friend. Better days.
Better days, my friend. Better days.

To quote the great Eddie Izzard, "The problem with America? You fuckers keep tearing down your history, man!"

Stubborn answer: Progress.

Grim reality: Sadness.

I remember a kinder, gentler era in Dallas when as a little punk I'd peer out the family Fury along I-35 and gaze in wonder at The Sportatorium, P.C. Cobb Stadium and a futuristic construction site dedicated to a dazzling new structure to be called Reunion Arena.

And now: This.

American Airlines Center is loud and glitzy and I'm sure the Infomart serves some purpose or other.

(Cue the twinkling piano).

But now when I drive down 35 and see our past sports joints as holes in the ground, I'll have a little hole in my heart.


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