Rock Out With Your Block Out

Surprise, the lead singer isn't Tony Romo.
Surprise, the lead singer isn't Tony Romo.

Since I rip Ken Hamlin's birthday parties and Martellus Bennett's rap videos, guess I should lay into Leonard Davis' band as well.

Wait, Leonard Davis is in a rock band?

I saw Dallas Cowboys' offensive lineman Marc Columbo at a Godsmack concert at the Palladium in 2006 and wondered what he'd look like as a rock star. Now I'll get my chance to find out.

Columbo is the lead singer of Free Reign, a "heavier than metal" band that includes teammates Davis on the bass and Cory Procter on the drums. The linemen Free Reign makes its Dallas debut next Friday, April 3, at the Granada Theater opening for a band called Shoreline's End. Both groups are managed by Tommy Quon, he of Vanilla Ice fame.

You'd think I'd start making jokes about how the linemen will likely produce more hits in the studio than on the field, but ...

They're not bad, not bad at all.

I listened to "Last Goodbye" and I must admit, their rockin' is better than their blockin'. There. Satisfied?

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