Say It Ain't So, Mo. Not Them!

Say It Ain't So, Mo. Not Them!

It was a far-fetched doomsday scenario. A pointed image intended to conjure just how weird it was going to be around here without Mike Modano.

But I never expected it to become, gulp, reality?

Mike Modano, Detroit Red Wings? Criiiiiiiiiiinge. 

On June 22 that was my wild-ass speculation. On July 6, it's way too close to the truth for comfort.

As strange as it would've been for Dirk Nowitzki to return to Dallas a San Antonio Spur, it will be equally disturbing if Modano - the all-time face of the Stars - skates back in American Airlines Center wearing a Red Wings sweater.


As you read this, our hero may be in Hockeytown.

Cringe indeed.

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