Tex-Cess. Why the Dallas Longhorns Aren't Quite Good Enough.

So, so very conflicted.
So, so very conflicted.

As I didn't back in 2006, I still don't get Dallas' obsession with the University of Texas. I know there's tons of alumni and it's the big state university and lone star pride and yadda, yadda and more yadda.

But it's Commerce Street, not Sixth Street. It's Reunion Tower, not the Texas Tower. It's Darrell K. Royal Stadium, not Cowboys Stadium. I know Tre Newton went to Southlake Carroll, but so did Greg McElroy.

I heard an Academy Sporting Goods commercial promising Texas "National Champion Gear" on sale after tonight's victory.

Two problems:

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1. Would Academy do the same if Baylor was in the BCS game?

2. Alabama 20, Texas 10.


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