The Top 10 Things I Learned on Staycation

10. Going to Vegas, London, Mexico, etc. is nice and all, but sometimes staying put feels right.

9. 36 holes of golf in one day is plenty.

8. SMU worked hard to attract a special coach like June Jones. I hope they work just as hard to keep him.

7. We're finally about to find out what happens in September when a Cowboys' season oozing with Super Bowl hopes collides into a Rangers' pennant race.

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6. You want to see some of the hottest, drunkest women around? Cape Buffalo on a Friday night. Tons of 'em.

5. Nothing better than being on a calm Texas lake for a summer sunset.

4. With two very time-sensitive jobs (deadlines, commercial breaks, yadda yadda and more yadda), the real treat for me was escaping control of the clock. If just for a week.

3. Sometimes being bored isn't a condition, it's an achievement.

2. Watching Jerry Jones on Entourage and George Steinbrenner in memoriam, I hope we all realize what a treasure we have in the Cowboys owner. I do.

1. I missed you guys. Yep, even you, Russell.

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