The Top 5 Uniforms in the History of Your Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers broke a four-game losing streak last night with a 9-6 walloping of the Chicago White Sox.

But they didn't look good doing it.

I know those white beanies atop their head were special Memorial Day caps, but in a word ... Godawful.

The Colonial the other day had a pink out. Baseball has a Jackie Robinson Day where every player wears No. 42. The NFL has throwback uniforms. And the Phoenix Suns wore "Los Suns" in the playoffs.

When, I ask you, did uniforms get so, well, un-uniformed?

In most ways I'm not old-mannish, but I don't like having to keep up with 13 different versions of the University of Oregon's color patterns.

Think about the best uniforms in sports: Oakland Raiders, Texas Longhorns, Michigan Wolverines, New York Yankees, Boston Celtics and, of course, your Dallas Cowboys. Traditional and, yes, mostly unchanged.

The Rangers' latest look - white and red atop blue and gray - was atrocious. But through the years they've had some nice duds.

My Top 5 Texas Rangers uniforms:

5. White home, blue and red caps, circa 1972

4. Blue home, blue caps, circa 2010.


White home, red caps, circa 1999.


White sleeveless home, blue caps, circa 2003.

The Top 5 Uniforms in the History of Your Texas Rangers

1. Powder blue, road, 1975.

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