Wanted: Dirk or Dirt?

In light of Cristal Taylor's first comments since being arrested at Dirk Nowitzki's house earlier this month, I've heard reactions ranging from "Wow, this is getting juicy!" to "I wonder how Brad Townsend would feel if we started digging into his life?"

The saga reads as if ripped from the grocery-store tabloids: "Basketball star's ex-fiancee is pregnant in jail!"

On one hand Dirk is the face of the Mavs' franchise and if he's been elaborately duped by the mother of his unborn child, it's fascinating and relevant.

On the other hand, Dirk's always been a private guy and he basically pleaded for privacy when this story broke two weeks ago. He never sought attention for his charity work in the past and he doesn't deserve investigative digging now.

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Interested in your take on this front-page, breaking news story about Dirk's ex-fiancee's side of the story:

A) Great reporting. Delicious. Can't get enough of the dirt.

B) Don't care. Evidenced by the Denver series, it obviously doesn't affect Dirk on the court.

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