Who Do You Want to See the Cowboys Play on Thanksgiving?

Who Do You Want to See the Cowboys Play on Thanksgiving?

When they're finished tinkering and tweaking with overtime today or tomorrow, NFL owners down in Florida will reveal next this season's marquee TV matchups. Included on that list will be the Dallas Cowboys' annual home Thanksgiving game.

Been awhile since Dallas played a classic on Turkey Day. Last year was wipeout of the Oakland Raiders. Before that were nap-inducing blowout wins over Seattle (2008), the Jets (2007) and Tampa Bay (2006).

To me it smells like time for a good ol' fashioned NFC East clash, maybe against new coach Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins.

But that's just me, who would like to see the Cowboys host on Nov. 25, 2010?

And while we're getting our wishes, can we please do away with the coin flip? In all sports. I'm fine with the NFL's playoff sudden-death overtime system, but at least give the opening kickoff to the home team. I'd rather see advantages awarded on regular-season play rather than something sillier even than paper-rock-scissors.

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