Your Weekend Planner: Vacation Edition 6.5.09

Your Weekend Planner: Vacation Edition 6.5.09

Hey, if Dale Hansen thinks it's a good time to skeedaddle, who am I to quarrel?

Let's see, last summer I went to a river and a waterfall. This year ... Seattle. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Temperatures in the 70s. Fish to eat. Coffee to smell (but not drink). A mountain to climb hike. Blogs to ignore.

Should be a relatively slow sportsy week ...

The Rangers will be in the midst of their defining 13-game stretch, but the Mavs are still weeks from the NBA draft, the Cowboys are breaking from OTAs, the Stars have already made their big off-season acquisition and even tennis is between the clay of Paris and the grass of London.

At some point I'll send a postcard, but right now I'll leave you with a homework assignment: Keep an eye on this weekend's Indy race at Texas Motor Speedway and next weekend's Ticket Summer Bash.

Full reports due when I return June 15.

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