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A Bonny Weekend in Fair Park

It's that time again, revelers: The 29th annual North Texas Irish Festival runs Friday through Sunday at Fair Park. With St. Paddy's Day coming up, what better way is there to break the seal than coming down to listen to some top-tier Celtic music? The event will feature dancing, traditional Irish storytelling, horses and plenty of musical performances to sing along with. So grab yourself a bonny lass--or lad--and prepare for line dancing (no, not that kind), drinking Guinness...and hitting the proverbial brick wall in no time if you combine the two--hey, fair warning. Among the event's sponsors are Guinness and Bushmills, the latter of which is reputedly Protestant--but don't you Catholics let that keep you from a nip or two. (Actually, interesting fact: Bushmills is not really Protestant, but wrongly labeled so because it's brewed in the North) Of the many musical performances there will be tastes of traditional Appalachian-Celt, Bluegrass-Celt (or Celtic-Grass if you will), Texas-Celt, Scandanavian-Celt and Celtic-Celt all for your enjoyment. And believe us, it pays to learn the lyrics beforehand. Tickets run $15 a day and $30 for a weekend pass. For more info, visit
Fri., March 4; Sat., March 5; Sun., March 6, 2011


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