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A Catty Eve-ning

I'm getting the feeling that the people who show movies don't really get the movies. Case in point—the Angelika is kicking off its Oscar Classics series as the anticipation builds for this year's Academy Awards. But instead of going for something a little more worthwhile and basically easy, they pull out the big guns. Four-hour epics with actual overtures and intermissions that no one will pay to go see (OK, maybe like, 10 people.) How about showing something a little less likely, like Butterfield 8, for which Elizabeth Taylor won her first Oscar? Or Lilies of the Field, the film that earned Sidney Poitier his historic best actor trophy? Hell, even Annie Hall would work great on the big screen. At least they chose the practically perfect All About Eve, though. Garnering 14 nominations and six wins including best picture, the movie—which stars Bette Davis as an aging actress and Anne Baxter as her shrewd understudy—is full of awesome drama queen action. Eve screens at the Angelika Plano, 7205 Bishop Road in the Shops at Legacy, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Call 972-943-1300 or visit
Thu., Feb. 7, 2008


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