A Spin With The Bottle

It’s rare that drinking more beer equates with raising your IQ. Usually it just ends up with you abandoning your britches in some nature-rich landscape, like that one shady bush next to the bank drive-thru. And yet Bottle Cap Bingo is an event that promises to bolster your brainpower through beer-soaked trivia. You’ll learn about local breweries with each drink, and possibly even win some sweet giveaways in the process. It’s a twist on the classic game, made even better at World of Beer where old ladies won’t hush you for drinking and laughing loudly with your crew. In fact, it’s encouraged. Join crew leaders The Pub Guys at World of Beer (5600 SMU Blvd.) at 7 p.m. Tuesday. It’s free. Visit wobusa.com/locations/smu/events.
Thu., Jan. 9, 2014

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