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Aim For The Head

An entire evening of free pickup adult kickball games? Yes. It’s the WAKA League’s doing: They’re throwing Thursday’s free-for-all to recruit the shit out of you. Guess what else? We’re gonna lead off with a ball joke, so if you have a set, head out to Tietze Park (2700 Skillman St.) at 7 p.m. and see how low the level of entry truly is. Assume if you can walk and swing a leg, you can pretty much play this game. But the truest test is: How good are you at drinking in bars after the game? Really good, you say? Prove it. Join one of the three WAKA spring leagues at your appropriate skill level. The Sunday night TX Rattlesnake League is laid-back and the leader wears a fanny pack, so slack on, slackers!! Tuesday’s TX Liberty League is an excellent way to be hungover on Wednesday, and Thursday night’s TX Thunder is the longest-running, hardest-core league of them all. Get all the details at
Thu., Jan. 30, 2014


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