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All Aboard the IMAX

Although it's only been around since 2004, The Polar Express is already a seasonal classic. Based on the 1986 award-winning book of the same name, the movie centers on the night journey of a steam train full of pajama-clad children headed for the North Pole. The book is visually unique, and the film replicates that style very well. It's not a cartoon; it's not a live action movie. It's transcendent. That transcendence is one reason why the movie returns year after year. Now, audiences can experience it from all sides through IMAX screens, which with its own technology and the movie's CGI, even further blends reality and fantasy. Through this collaboration, it's possible to feel like you're on the train yourself, hearing the engine rumble in surround sound and experiencing realistic snowflakes in 3-D. It's so engaging that you may be surprised when the movie ends and you find yourself in North Texas instead of at the North Pole. The Polar Express screens at various times through January 3, 2011, at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Omni Theater, 1501 Montgomery St. in Fort Worth. Tickets are $8 to $9. Museum members receive a $3 discount. Call 817-255-9540 or visit
Dec. 4-Jan. 3, 2010


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