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My favorite thing about Black and Blue is the fact that they're a "Keith and Mick" tribute band and not a Beatles tribute band. They've also named themselves wisely by taking on the moniker of one of the Stones' lesser works rather than, say, Sticky Fingers. That's truth in advertising—"We're not gonna pull the wool over your eyes and claim we're as good as the Mick Taylor, top-of-their-game Stones, but we will take a stab at the snarling guitar of Keith Richards and dabble in late-'70s excess." I also give them kudos for playing the AllGood rather than, say, a cover band haven like Firewater. But if they really, really want to impress me, I expect to see a blood transfusion machine hooked up to fake Keith, a fake David Bowie making out with fake Mick and a fake Bill Wyman having sex with pretty much everyone in the restaurant. Or they could just play "Sway"; that works too. See Black and Blue Saturday at the AllGood Café, 2934 Main St. Call 214-742-5362 or visit
Sat., May 3, 2008


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