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Am I Underdressed For Hell?

When staring down infinity’s barrel, you will ask yourself some crazy questions. “Does my cat know I’ve stopped loving him?” “Do you wear the same outfit for eternity, like a cartoon character, and is it what you have on when you die?” And maybe most important: “Will there be cheese in the afterlife?” Philosophers and psychologists might be able to guide you through questions one and two, but nobody — AND I MEAN NOBODY — can promise you well-aged dairy. That, I believe, is why people fear death. Friday, you should stock up on the stuff and tuck a little extra in your pockets in case you’re wearing that outfit in purgatory around dawn. The perfect excuse for this is the End of the World Wine and Cheese Party at Scardello Artisan Cheeses (3511 Oak Lawn Ave.). For $45, you get access to the best of the best — they aren’t saying the varieties or ages of the wines and cheeses, but they have promised they’ll be offering “the really good stuff.” That, if I’m not mistaken, is your favorite kind. Call 214-219-1300 to make a reservation, which will be canceled should the world choose to end early.
Fri., Dec. 21, 2012


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