America's Patriotic And Marginally Threatening Sweetheart

Hello, country music fan. I sense that you are also a patriotic citizen of the United States of America, and I am also relatively certain that you have an excellent memory for tragic events in our country's past. Ah, wait. Perhaps I am not coming across to you properly. Allow me to switch into a folksier, more accessible version of myself so that I may announce something that will be very pleasing to you... Howdy! Nice seein' ya, redneck women and cowboys and outlaws alike! AMURICA! AMURICA! 9/11! NEVER FORGIT! Ya'll ain't forgotten, 'cause even though we've got that mouthy liberal-ass O-bam-a in the White House, we still got our freedom of speechin', and we're gon' use it! Yessir, we're gon' use our freedom of speech to say YEEEEE-HAW when Toby Keith brings his folksy red, white 'n' blue goodness to Dallas at the Center. He'll be singin' all his hits and bein' American and talkin' about the flag and whatnot. But look out fer the folks sittin' behind ya, gettin' too excited, 'cause as Toby says, "We'll put a boot in yer ass, that's the American way." The show's this Saturday at Superpages, 1818 1st Ave. Tickets are $20 to $65. Call 214-421-1111.
Sat., Aug. 1, 2009


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