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Another Excuse For Meat Chucking

Few things can cause rifts in friendships like disagreements over what is and isn’t OK to eat. But fad diets and molecular gastronomy are rarely the source of contention as much as meat-eating is. Many a dinner party of barbecue has fallen apart once some unwitting attendee realizes there’s no vegan option (or that everything on the grill is derived from soy that was gently suffocated before cooking). To contribute to this ongoing dialogue, the Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora St., is hosting PETA’s Naked Truth Tour, a talk by Ingrid E. Newkirk at 7 p.m. Thursday. Newkirk, the president and one of the founders of PETA, will present her case that animals should be regarded as fellow citizens instead of pelts and pets. Expect an intriguing talk since Newkirk has a flare for getting attention — in the past she’s organized national rat rescues, harnessed herself to a Victorian horse carriage in Mumbai and sat naked in a coffin in Times Square to protest JCrew’s use of fur. Visit for more information.
Thu., Oct. 17, 2013


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