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As if the Magnolia Theatre weren't art-house enough for you, it is also home to the Magnolia Bar Gallery, which constantly displays rotating exhibitions from some of Dallas' best local artists. Whether you're in the West Village to catch a movie or do some afternoon shopping, a stop at the Magnolia Bar Gallery is always recommended, as you're likely to find new treasures all the time. Currently on display in the gallery is Jonathan Brooks' mixed-media exhibition taking in. Brooks is your typical creative type (he's an artist, actor and musician, among other things) and it shows in his work, which is full of varied inspirations including the current flavor du jour, "found" art. Enjoy a cocktail and check out Brooks' taking in now through September 22 during regular theater hours at the Magnolia Theatre, 3699 McKinney Ave. Call 214-764-9106 or visit
Aug. 11-Sept. 22, 2010


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