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Art Giant

As a true Texan, I believe it's a requirement to have seen the 1956 Oscar-nominated film Giant. It may even be in the state constitution somewhere (but I could be wrong). Apparently it's been termed the "national film of Texas," and it's about as big at three-plus hours. Can you believe that 50 years later, another Western with two gay cowboys is in the Oscar race? (Oops, I almost forgot there was a closet back in those days for Rock Hudson and James Dean.) Southern Methodist University art professor Ed Bearden drew the movie's storyboards back in the day, and you can check them out (along with photos and transcripts) through April 28 at the Hamon Arts Library, 6101 Bishop Blvd., on the SMU campus. There's even a sketch of Hudson in short-shorts and cowboy boots...Damn, we wish we knew how to quit him. Call 214-768-2894 or visit
Jan. 27-April 28


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