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Art/Music Road Trip!

Whatever you’re doing today just cancel it. Gas up your tank, snag a couple friends, and put Webb Gallery in your phone’s direction app; you’re going to Waxahachie. Will Johnson (Centro-matic), Jad Fair and David Fair (Half-Japenese), Tim Kerr (King Sound Quartet, Poison 13) and Dan Phillips (general guitar awesomeness) are releasing an album with a little assistance from local wax-lovers Good Records. But as anyone who’s ever gotten lost in Half-Japanese’s album art knows, the Fairs’ talents are not limited to wattage. These guys create some of the most interestingly primitive outsider art that’s ever graced an album cover; some of it borders on extraterrestrial hieroglyphics. And in tonight’s album release/art show at Waxahachie’s Webb Gallery you’ll see the visual talents of all the group’s performers. If you’ve been drunk at the Long Branch Saloon in Austin recently, then you’ve already had a peek at Johnson’s art. He focuses on famous folks, mostly historical icons, blows ’em up, cartoons them and creates (almost) educational one-scene comics about each figure. So go and fix that broken headlight, put a little air in those tires and point your car due south; all of the boys will be making music as well as presenting their art from 3 to 7 p.m. Sunday. Webb Gallery is located at 209-211 W. Franklin in Waxahachie. Call 972-938-8085, or visit for more information.
Sun., Feb. 12, 3-7 p.m., 2012


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