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I lived in Chicago for a summer once, so naturally I was expecting an exhibit called New Art From Chicago to feature all the staples: hot dogs, pizza, Old Style, Wilco, George Wendt, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Tortoise, the Blue Line, Jon Langford, etc., etc. Unfortunately, "the show is based on a social rather than a geographic locus; that is, that specific social networks and affinities draw certain artists together, pooling sympathetic aesthetics." I think that's art school speak for "if you live together in a Wicker Park apartment and listen to the same jams all day, then your shit might sort of look the same." See for yourself from noon to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays at Road Agent, 2909-A Canton St. Visit
Tuesdays-Saturdays, 12-5 p.m. Starts: Jan. 19. Continues through March 1, 2008


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