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Assemble for the Ensembles

I envision jazz the way Elmer Bernstein musically painted the 1955 film The Man With the Golden Arm—gritty, dark and blaring. Music that is beautiful but treacherous and can score both the delicacy of romance and the seediness of drug addiction. Now, whether I find that up in Addison is another story. Celebrating its eighth year, the North Texas Jazz Festival plays up there this week showcasing the music from the likes of saxophonist David Binney and UNT's jazz ensembles (and similar bands from other colleges and schools). The festival may not be as nitty and gritty, but three days of inspired and enthusiastic students should make up for that. With performances, music clinics and Q&A sessions, the three-day event will offer some tidbits of musical enlightenment, and if not, then well, you're just an empty human shell. Is that treacherous enough for you? The 8th Annual North Texas Jazz Festival, presented by the Town of Addison and the University of North Texas, runs Wednesday through Friday, April 4 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 14315 Midway Road. Additional information on performances, classes and artists can be found at or
April 2-4, 2008


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