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Attn: Ladies Looking To Score

Nail polish and vacuum cleaners and Sex and the City and THE COLOR PINK ZOMG! Do I have your attention, ladies? Because I know that there are only a few things that girls like and understand, so I want to make sure to hold your attention (SHOES!) while I talk to you about something very (FLORALS!) complicated: football. No, no, no! Please don't stop reading because your little lady-brain (COSMO!) can't handle athletics and the accompanying terminology. (PRADA!) If you can't help but (BRAS!) sit in the corner and cry from confusion while your boyfriend (PURSES!) watches his favorite teams on television, former NFL player (TAMPONS!) and coach Joe Avezzano is here to help you understand (LISA FRANK!) the esoteric world of football terminology (PANTY HOSE!) with a lecture at the Studio Movie Grill so that you won't feel so lost when your boyfriend asks you to get him another Bud Light during that sports thingie ...uh, Super ...something ...Super plate? Super ...cup? Maybe I'll learn what it's called at the Ladies' Locker Room with Coach Joe this Wednesday, September 2 at the Studio Movie Grill, 5405 Belt Line Road. Tickets are $10. Get your boyfriend to help you use the computer so you can find more information at
Wed., Sept. 2, 2009


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