Baby-Makin' Jams

Remember when your favorite black recording artists had huge 'fros, wore funky hats and tuxes with velvet lapels? When groups consisted of three women or five men standing in a line, doing fancy spin dance moves? You do? Damn, man, you are old. We're tempted to type in all capital letters so you can read it. But there's no shame in age or in recalling fondly a time when singers had shame, when women at least pretended to be more interested in romance than sex and no man who wasn't courting a fat lip would refer to his lady as a bitch or ho. It was the '70s, a simpler, happier time (not counting various crises and the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation). You can polish up the patent leather, brush off those lapels and recapture a bit of the era's magic Friday at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie when the '70s Soul Jam glides into town, featuring R&B and early disco groups the Stylistics, Emotions, Bloodstone, Heatwave and Dramatics. A word of caution to the young folk though: If Grandma and Grandpa shell out $39.50 to $49.50 for tickets, available at, you might want to clear out of the house when they get back. After they hear some of those smooth grooves, there’s gonna be some old-folk sex goin' on.
Fri., Oct. 5, 2007

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