Back Stabbers

Sure, it's amazing that the O'Jays have been spreading Philly soul to the masses for nearly 50 years now, but what's even more amazing is that they've kept it up in the home stretch of the past 13 years, after a certain other O.J. publicly soiled their good name. Thankfully for us, the bad O.J.'s book—the one that would have told us "Of course I didn't do it, but just for shits and grins, here's how I would have done it, in graphic detail, if'n I had done it."—got shelved, while the good guys and their "Love Train" keep on chuggin'. Join hands and get on board 8 p.m. Thursday when the O'Jays take the stage at the Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie, 1001 Performance Place. Tickets are $45.50 to $55.50. Call 972-647-5700 or visit
Fri., April 13, 8 p.m.

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