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Batter Up

At this time last year, Rangers' fans were gearing up for the season with the hopes that it might be the year the Rangers finally broke through. And indeed, last season brought an American League Championship home to Arlington, and the team put up a spirited but ill-fated fight in the World Series. Now, as a new season draws closer and closer, fans and skeptics alike are interested to see if the hype and anticipation for this year's play will finally lead to a World Series victory--the likes of which has eluded this franchise from day one. And now that the controversy over Cliff Lee's exit to Philly has died down, returning players Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler and Darren Oliver should still give fans high hopes for another winning year. And even if the stats and all of the stakes involved in baseball in general are of little interest to you, surely you will want to rock one of those claw and antler shirts that came out at the end of last season. Name me one other franchise with equally badass spirit apparel--I dare you. So grab your shirt and a friend and head out to the Rangers 2011 season opener 3:05 p.m. Friday, as the Rangers host the Boston Red Sox at the Ballpark. For tickets and more information, visit
Fri., April 1, 3:05 p.m., 2011


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