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Be-Spec Yourself

Every member of the 200-strong Turtle Creek Chorale will be a spectacle unto himself during the lusty throng's summer concerts on June 22 and June 27. Bespectacled in outlandish homage to Elton John, TCC members will revel in the pop culture icon and consummate musician's body of work with The Soundtrack of our Lives. An ensemble of classical and rock musicians will accompany the chorus. "We'll open with 'Circle of Life,'" David Mitchell, TCC managing director, says, "followed by excerpts in costume from Elton John's The Lion King and Aida." Joining the men's chorus will be Dallas native Denise Lee as featured soloist in "Shadow Land" and "My Strongest Suit." Lee has a long, local musical theater résumé, including her performance as Billie Holiday in WaterTower Theatre's Of Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill. Saving the specs for last, the Turtle Creek Chorale will rock and bop through three decades of John's hits following intermission. The singers will break out oversized glasses, platforms and disco duds as they break into favorites such as "Crocodile Rock," "Bennie and the Jets" and "Your Song." "Elton John has chronicled our lives in music for more than 30 years," TCC artistic director Dr. Timothy Seelig says. "He has put to music some of the most poignant moments in history, such as 'Candle in the Wind' and 'American Triangle,' a song written about Matthew Shepard, the young man who was murdered for being gay." Order tickets, from $13.50 to $33.50, for the 8 p.m. performances at the Meyerson Symphony Center by calling 1-800-494-8497 or online at --Annabelle Massey Helber


Hey, ever notice that guys like to watch sports, drink beer and not ask for directions? How about those ladies, though? They love talking about feelings and shoe shopping. These supposed truths are overshadowed by the unarguable fact that "battle of the genders" jokes are more worn out than Joe's Sunday La-Z-Boy. Where to turn, then, for cutting-edge humor? Larry the Cable Guy is one option, and his Majestic Theatre appearance Friday should be rife with jokes about flatulation, large breasts, bowel movements and boobies. Landmark topics like these make Strangers With Candy play like Facts of Life. Still, considering Larry wears Ted Nugent shirts and looks like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, we'll quit while we're behind. The Majestic is at 1926 Elm St. Call 214-880-0137 for further details. --Matt Hursh

Hail to the King
Dressed to impersonate

Elvis impersonation has been done, but Jack Foltyn likes to think of himself as an interpreter rather than an impersonator. Since first being dressed as Elvis by his mom for a fourth-grade talent show, Foltyn knew he was on to something as the crowd went wild when they saw him dance and play guitar as the King used to. Rather than be just another impersonator, Foltyn applies his dance abilities to his musical abilities and moves in ways he believes the King would. His singing voice is spot on, though, and he boasts a range even greater than Elvis'. The owner of Jack's Ballroom in McKinney, Foltyn combines his interpreting skill with his talents as an actor, writer, director and choreographer and puts on what he says is considered to be the best Elvis show in the country. The three-day extravaganza, which has Foltyn performing more than 40 hit songs, takes place this weekend with performances June 20 through June 22 at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson. Tickets are $12 to $20. Call 972-744-4650. --David Wilson

Star Light, Star Bright
Ballet Concerto offers art en plein air

Ever dream of dancing under the stars some midsummer night with that special someone? Well, dream on. The best we can offer is the 2003 Summer Dance Concert by Ballet Concerto, which is staging its 21st annual dance event in the great outdoors of the Fort Worth Cultural District. Ballet Concerto, which specializes in presenting ballet and other dance forms to children (and adults) of all ages, has engaged choreographers and ballet performers of both national and international prominence for this year's program outside the Trinity Park Theater on Seventh Street. The versatile evening will include Fort Worth fave Luis Monero, who will restage Carmen in a performance that employs both classical and flamenco elements, the classical ballet Raymonda and the more contemporary Gershwin Gold, choreographed by former local Christine Hay. The live dance performance will run June 26 through June 29 and will begin at 8:30 p.m. Call 817-738-7915. --Mark Donald

Pros and Con Man

We're sure within the confines of our workplace there's at least four or five girls who are sadder but wiser after falling for a music man. You know the kind: a smooth-talking, sugar-coated dreamy type who coaxes you to put away the books and dish out some cash for his much-needed instruments. While you're professing love and learning to appreciate a "Minuet in G," he's in a hurry to catch the last train out of town. For those of you who have yet to pull a Marion, see for yourself how a salesman for song works it June 24 through June 29 when Casa Manaña presents The Music Man at Bass Performance Hall. Tickets are $30 to $75. Call 817-332-2272. --Desirée Henry

Disney onstage is a beaut

We once thought we had a deep, philosophical conversation with a candlestick and a teapot, but it could've been the drugs talking. Or maybe we are just lonely, lonely people. Or, then again, maybe in a past life, we were named Belle, and lived boringly in provincial France until the day we entered an enchanted castle where the servants were furniture and the master of the house was a furry creature of undefined species. Yeah, that's probably it. Even if you aren't a reincarnated fairy tale character, the stage version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast may tickle your fancy. The familiar settings and characters are augmented by eight new songs, while favorites like "Be Our Guest" still dazzle onstage. Though if Lumiere's flameproof plastic hands, which burn two ounces of liquid butane per show, have ever ventured dangerously close to the seven yards of human hair that compose the Beast's tail, the pie and pudding wouldn't be the only items en flambé. To see what Disney can do with 318,750 watts of electricity, check out Beauty and the Beast at the Music Hall in Fair Park, 909 First Ave., June 24 through July 6. Tickets are $17.50 to $65 from Ticketmaster locations or by calling 214-631-ARTS. --Michelle Martinez

Hans Up
This show bares Claus

Beneath all of the "once upon a time," the talking animals and the thinly veiled moralistic precautions, the art of the fable perseveres through essentials: solid storytelling, with a touch of chicanery. After all, what could be more tedious for a child than to be preached to when there are video games to be beaten? A proper upbringing always requires a bit of cajoling, so wrap that life lesson in a candy shell of friendly frogs and it's a perfect donkey and carrot to get that kid to follow your lead. Or follow the breadcrumbs this Friday to the Arlington Museum of Art as Hans Christian Andersen's Little Claus and Big Claus is premiered. The play may be family friendly, but this Claus promises to be as much Kinski as Santa, with some violence from the original story being retained. The play is presented by the Texas Radio Theatre Company, which provides a radio-broadcast atmosphere live and in person, so we get more than just "aural" from ol' Hans. The Arlington Museum of Art is located at 201 W. Main St., and it would be wise to call 817-275-4600. --Matt Hursh

Hot Fun in the Summer
Off Broadway and onstage in Dallas

Our favorite episode of the high school hullabaloo My So-Called Life revolved around a school dance that Rickie, the only gay student, attended with a straight girl. Forget the potential social commentary; the highlight was the final dance sequence as the very '90s couple out-sassed the student body on the gym dance floor. That angelically spastic display of coordination inspires us to this day, and, with that in mind, we offer Saturday's Dances of Spain, featuring Broadway dance veteran Daniel de Córdoba, as a showcase of the joy of dance. Granted, Córdoba's brand of flamenco dance may have seemed odd at Liberty High, but we think Rickie would understand. It's $15 at the Dallas Museum of Art's Horchow Auditorium, 1717 N. Harwood St., at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. June 21. Call 214-366-9557. --Sam Machkovech

Catch This

Generally, one does not associate grandmothers with guitar-strumming, culture-bashing folk performances. Meet Lu Mitchell, grandmother of two and lead singer of the Dallas-based folk band Catch 23. In one hand she's clutching a pair of knitting needles, and in the other she's got a mike. She'll be playing at 7:30 p.m. June 25 at Pocket Sandwich Theater, and if you're good, she might even sing "The Night John Bobbitt Lost His Weenie." Call PST at 214-821-1860. --Leah Gerchario


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