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Big D Dunkin'

Sure, I'm a huge Mavericks fan, but even I can admit Dirk and Co. need to stop shooting the long ball sometimes and go in for the rim-rattling dunk. Josh Howard and Pop Mensah-Bonsu can throw down occasionally, and Diop can put it up there without even jumping, but come on--where are the turnaround slams? The 360s? The highlight reel fodder? If you feel my pain--and you love some old-school street ball--the And 1 Mix Tape Tour may be just what the doctor ordered. And did we mention street ball players have much cooler names than NBA stars? At 2 p.m. this Saturday, thrill to the bone-shattering dunks of dudes like Hot Sauce, Springs, Escalade, Go Get It and Bad Santa as they take on Dallas summer league all-stars in a parking lot on the south side of Woodall Rogers Fwy and N Field St. It may very well be 100 degrees out there, but just remember--the dunks could go up to 720, fool. Tickets are $20. Visit or for more information.
Sat., Aug. 11, 2 p.m.


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