Big Gay John

As you probably know by now, John Amaechi is the first NBA player to ever divulge his gayness (I think the word "homosexuality" sounds so...Falwell) and Man in the Middle, his new book, is the story of his life in the closet of an NBA locker room. Reading it you might think a number of things, including: Wow, it really sucks how he had to hear "fag" this and "fag" that while dressing for games. Or Wow, it's very cute that Amaechi was a pretty decent big man—whose job entailed using his brawn to intimidate—yet he always had fresh-cut flowers in his house. Or Wow, how nerve-racking to have to keep this secret in an atmosphere more homophobic than a Fred Phelps demonstration. But mostly you will think, Wow, Jerry Sloan sounds like a real asshole. Hear for yourself when he reads from his book 7 p.m. Monday at Barnes & Noble, 616 Preston Royal Shopping Center. Call 214-363-0924.
Mon., Feb. 26, 7 p.m.

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