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Big Rich Fashions

Billy Joel sang about them years ago, so you know they’re legit. I’m talking about Uptown Girls. Of course, these UGs are putting on the longest-titled fashion show in American history: the First Annual Uptown Girls Poolside Miami in Dallas Fashion Show hosted by Glitzy Glam Cocktails. At the show you’ll get to mingle poolside as models show off the latest spring fashions while longing for the day when they can publicly exhale. Of course, no fashion show is complete without a guest appearance or two, so download the Sneaky Pics app because Melissa Poe from Big Rich Texas will be among the minglers. She’s a designer, too, and will be unveiling her new line, Poem Creations. The show starts at 6 p.m. on Wednesday at SISU Uptown, 2508 Maple Ave. VIP admission is $65 and regular admission is $35. Register now at
Wed., March 20, 2013


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