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Big Thoughts From Big D

They have ideas to better the world — seat-belt buckles designed for Texas heat, perhaps. On Thursday, we’ll hear exactly how life-changing those philosophical and researched approaches to life’s obstacles are as 11 speakers give short presentations at the Kessler Theater (1230 W. Davis St.). They’re auditioning for a spot at TEDxSMU, the licensed local offshoot of its national big brother, the nonprofit idea forum that spurs improvements in technology, entertainment and design. Like Highlander, only one may advance to the offical event, TEDxSMU October 19 at the Dallas City Performance Hall. You’ll join the groupthink by turning in your vote after listening to the collection of six-minute speeches. They run a vast stretch of chatter-builders, from the rah-rah titled “Be Well and Please Take Care of Your Telomeres” by Amy Hofland, to Dallas Morning News columnist and author Dave Lieber’s words about words in “The Power of a Story to Change the World” to the mysteriously titled “Tartar Sauce and Tyranny” by dark horse candidate Reward Sibanda. Tickets cost $12 for this 7 p.m. event with 6 p.m. doors. Visit
Thu., June 20, 2013


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