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“Black Don't Crack”

Paul Mooney is as much a yarn-spinner as he is a comic. Attend one of his live shows and you'll understand: it feels more like sitting around the living room with a ridiculously funny father-figure than a traditional stand-up set with lead-ins and punchlines. Mooney doesn't need all of those formalities; he's earned the right to go freestyle. He created the time-enduring prose for Richard Pryer, Eddie Murphy, and Redd Foxx and was head writer for In Living Color's first season. (Remember Homey The Clown? All Mooney, baby.) Even with the longevity in the comedic writing circuit, Mooney might have gone relatively unknown to the next generation of comedy-goers had it not been for Dave Chapelle's Mooney-centric sketch “Ask a Black Dude,” where Paul drops wisdom bombs that detonate in a multiracial question/answer confetti explosion. (Side note of advice: If you're pressed for time, maybe check out the early show. If you can't get enough of Mooney's awesomness, go for the later adventure. Last time he performed in Austin he stayed on stage for nearly two hours.) Paul Mooney keeps it real this Thursday, February 9 through Sunday, February 12 at the Addison Improv. Tickets cost $20. Get them at
Feb. 9-12, 2012


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