Blue Mooney

He may have started out as a circus ringmaster entertaining crowds with live animals, but now comedian Paul Mooney gets his crowd going by simply asking, "Why do white people love Wayne Brady?" (If you were wondering: because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.) You might say Mooney has a knack for disturbing and captivating his audiences through his jokes about whites. He has written routines for Richard Pryor on Saturday Night Live and appeared in the "Ask a Black Dude" sketches on Chappelle's Show. His MySpace address even speaks of his persona: Not easily offended? Just want to see what all the controversy is about? Then you're in luck. Mooney will be appearing Thursday through Sunday at the Addison Improv comedy club, 4980 Belt Line Road. Tickets are $20 per person. Call 972-404-8502 or visit for more information.
Thu., June 10; Fri., June 11; Sat., June 12; Sun., June 13, 2010

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