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Kids do some really weird stuff. They run amok, doing all those things that drive their parents insane. Girls get into their mothers' makeup kits, put lipstick on their cheeks, blush in their hair and draw intricate pictures on the wall with eyebrow pencils. Boys steal Twinkies and marshmallows from the cupboard, grasp as many as they can in their grubby little hands and devour them until they make themselves ill. Almost all kids bang on pots, pans, tables, plates and their parents in some kind of primal effort to create melodic harmonies. Such are the images of early childhood, and today some lucky, lucky men get to travel around the country continually reliving these makeup-laden, junk-food-eating, pot-beating days, all the while getting paid to do it. And it's so totally not fair. The Blue Man Group is coming to town with their staggeringly popular show The Complex Rock Tour. The three bald men will be covering themselves with their internationally recognizable blue body paint and performing a rock concert that borrows from circus traditions, conventional theater, performance art, percussion, science, vaudeville and an indeterminable number of other genres to create a show that no one can really define or explain, though "trippy" might be an appropriate adjective. The Blue Man Group will perform August 12 and August 13 at NextStage, 1001 NextStage Drive, Grand Prairie. Both shows begin at 8 p.m. Ticket prices range from $23.50 to $41 and can be purchased at the box office, online at, at various Ticketmaster outlets or by calling 214-373-8000. Parking is $10 to $20. Call the venue at 972-854-5111 or visit --Mary Monigold


Cross Country

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A few years ago, while sifting through the "Texas" section of an Amarillo music store, we picked up a CD by Oklahomans Cross Canadian Ragweed. Then we put it right back down. We couldn't get past the band's name; it just made us feel like sneezing. Since then, though, the four guys in CCR have endeared themselves to us. "Boys From Oklahoma," a little ditty about how Okies can't roll a proper joint, might have done it. While we don't know too many Oklahoma boys, we do know that joint-rolling is somewhat of an art form. Cross Canadian Ragweed comes to town Saturday for a show at Six Flags Over Texas. Tickets are $8 plus park admission and can be purchased at Ticketmaster. Call 214-373-8000. --Rhonda Reinhart


Snack Pack

Theatre Too offers myths, hymns and food

Food and theater. Two blissful concepts that are happily married at theaters all across the country. Until you try to sneak in your Snickers after the first intermission, then apparently we have a problem. But in the grand tradition of dinner and a show, Theatre Three is presenting its new showcase called the Appetizer Series, during which patrons will be treated to heavy appetizers in the lobby, followed by a concert reading-style performance in Theater Too. The series begins with Myths and Hymns, a song cycle composed by Adam Guettel about transcending earthly bounds, enlightenment and other such college coffee-shop topics. Performances run from August 10 through August 19. Non-subscriber tickets are $25 for one show and $50 for the whole series. Subscriber tickets are $20 for one show and $45 for the whole series. Performances are in the Theatre Three building, but downstairs in Theatre Too, in the Quadrangle at 2800 Routh St. Call 214-871-3300. --Mary Monigold



Comedy gets spicy at Ice House

Spanish lesson: What does "pico de gallo" actually mean? It's commonly known as a tasty salsa, but we at Night & Day are some incredibly investigative types, so we sought out the indisputable truth. After a few trips to a nearby Taco Cabana, we dug out our seventh-grade Spanish-English dictionary. In there, the phrase literally translates as "beak of rooster" or, more eloquently put by some skinny guy at the Taco C, "cock of the cock." Spicy! Oddly enough, a local comedy troupe has adopted the flavorful moniker of Pico De Gallo, and they will serve a nicely chilled cup of cabaret-flavored gazpacho Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Ice House Cultural Center at 1000 Page St. The performances are in English, and despite "mature audience only" warnings, the show's $15 ticket price is even lower with a student ID. Call 214-243-2348. --Sam Machkovech


Homme Sweet Homme

Call us romantics, but we feel the true loves of our lives always should be honored in proper ode form. Even when this love is a rock star we'll never meet, gets lots of lingerie tossed his way onstage and has a hot, tough punk-rock girlfriend who could beat us senseless. That said, odes are like long and complicated and stuff, so a haiku will have to suffice this time. "Oh, Josh, you are fine/Tickets are too expensive/Catch someone else's bra." Josh Homme and the rest of The Queens of the Stone Age perform Friday during Lollapalooza at the Smirnoff Music Centre. Call Ticketmaster, 214-373-8000, for $53 to $85 tickets. --Shannon Sutlief

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