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Bobcat’s Nine Lives

When people think of Bobcat Goldthwait, many still picture the wobbly-voiced spaz from the Police Academy films or One Crazy Summer. However, in the last decade, Goldthwait has become a respected director, and has redefined the black comedy with World’s Greatest Dad (starring old pal Robin Williams) and God Bless America, both of which skewer reality TV, celebrity and consumer culture with aplomb. Last year, Goldthwait penned a column for Vice, in which he explained how quitting show business saved his life. It was a personal piece, but it also highlighted his cultural cache with a new generation of comedy fans. Like many comedic actors and directors, he still makes the stand-up circuit, and takes the stage at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub (5321 E. Mockingbird Lane) Thursday (8:30 p.m.) and Friday night (8:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m.). Do yourself a favor and find his 1987 stand-up special, Share the Warmth. It still holds up as a document of Reagan-era rage. Tickets cost $7 to $12. Call 214-823-5233 or visit
Thu., April 4, 2013


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