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Body Talk

Maybe, just maybe, this is the latest twist to the old New Year's resolution that will actually work. Unlike those in bygone years when you would vow with great resolve and determination to shed those unsightly pounds and get the ol' bod in shape, then soon decide, what the hell, and order the double cheeseburger and fries. Here's the new approach: Americans nationwide are invited to participate in the Discovery Health Channel's National Body Challenge, a 12-week health and weight-loss program that kicks off January 10. All you have to do is log on to to learn which Bally Total Fitness health club you should report to for the official weigh-in. Those who sign up for the challenge will receive all kinds of healthful goodies, including a "Get Fit Kit" that includes a free three-month membership to Bally Total Fitness, a personal journal and even a tape measure to keep track of all those inches that will disappear. You'll also have access to a Web site that offers each participant a customized diet and exercise plan, advice from top fitness and nutrition experts, recipes and even an online buddy to call when the munchies strike. And what if it doesn't work? Have a few slices of pizza and watch this same space next year when we tell you about the next new sure-fire way to get trim and healthy. If, of course, you're still around. --Carlton Stowers

Smash Hit
Do the monster mash

Pow-pow-power wheels. Admit it: That dinky phrase warps you to a different world where announcers sing a cheeseball '80s jingle over rippin' guitar licks while fat kids wheel around in mini-monster trucks at 7 mph. Well, the words warp us there, anyway, as our interaction with Power Wheels went no further than the commercial shown 20 times a week between episodes of Danger Mouse. Our unfulfilled thirst for the damned things wedged an insatiable need for monster truck interaction into our subconscious, and we rightly blame Mom for that one. Luckily, a coping mechanism comes to Reunion Arena in the form of Monster Jam on Saturday and Sunday, and we figure watching Grave Digger crush smaller cars will count as the seventh step in our group-group-group therapy sessions. Tickets are $18 for adults or $5 for kids; call Ticketmaster at 214-373-8000. --Sam Machkovech


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