Boobin' Ball

Melons. Knockers. Cha-chas. Woo-woos. Hoo-hoos. Ta-tas. Roundies. Fun bags. Love bubbles. Honkers. Hooters. Jugs. Naughty pillows. Whoppers. Headlights. Twin peaks. Watermelons. Tig ol' bitties. Harmonic oscillators. Mammaries. Airbags. Gazongas. Mary Kate and Ashley. Orbs. What-nots. Personalities. Breasteses. Zeppelins. Man boobs (only they're on women). Babaloos. Umlauts. Twofers. Gajunka-junks. Join the Krewe de Roux 8 p.m. this Saturday at the 6th Annual Mardi Gras Boudin Ball (benefiting Jonathan's Place) at the Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave. There'll be Cajun food, free beverages, live music and beadage. So, you might just see some bazombas…but probably you won't. Tickets are $65, and it's black-tie, so dress up. I'm talking to you, Casual Pants. Call 214-824-9933 or visit
Sat., Feb. 10, 8 p.m.

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