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Botox Bullets

In this era overwhelmed by objectionable band reunions everywhere you turn, L.A. Guns is easily the most pathetic of all. They are so pathetic, in fact, that they never even actually broke up, at least not for any significant period of time. They just kept on going, switching out members as needed, some incarnations not even retaining anyone who was in the original band. They started out pretty lame in 1982, so by now it can be nothing but a pitiful mess. Yes, Axl Rose was once in the band, but, well, have you seen Axl Rose lately? Yeah, exactly. L.A. Guns are a waste of time wearing black jeans and cowboy boots topped with a shot of Jack Daniels. If one-dimensional, regurgitated rawk is your cup of tea, then by all means head out to House of Blues this Monday for the, uh, "show." Tickets at
Mon., Feb. 25, 2008


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