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Burning Love

Almost 30 years ago, a cultural movement began. What started as 20 like-minded friends gathering on a San Francisco beach to mark the summer solstice has turned into a week-long communal experience shared annually by tens of thousands. Yes, it’s the Black Rock Desert phenomenon known as Burning Man. Hard to describe and impossible to replicate, Burning Man is a unique social experiment/experience. Though most of us would never have the balls to live the burner life (a cashless, carless communal existence of self-reliance and free expression in a desert in August), we should all have a certain amount of curiosity and respect for those who do, and for one night only, burners and norms alike will be given an inside look at the phenomenon at a special screening of the documentary Spark: A Burning Man Story. It screens at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Magnolia Theatre, 3699 McKinney Ave. The much-coveted tickets are $12.50 and available at
Tue., Aug. 20, 2013


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