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But That's My Life!

Following funnyman Neil Hamburger on Twitter is like a peek into the mind of an obsessive madman, albeit a hilarious one. If you had no other window to the world, you might think that the two biggest threats to the future of our world are Axe Body Spray and the new Yogi Bear movie. Samples: "Fact: @AXE and Hellman's mayo are made by the same people (Unilever) out of the same ingredients (feces)." and "ALL MY SHOWS FOR REST OF YEAR CANCELLED!!!!! Reason: Yogi Bear-induced depression." We can only hope the former isn't true--we've got some Hellman's in our fridge--but the latter, thankfully, is a joke, as Hamburger brings his lounge-skeez confrontational insult comic act to Dallas for a fittingly retro New Year's Eve gala. Fortunately, his live act isn't as narrowly focused as his tweeting, as he spreads his misanthropy to all manner of celebrities and the audience as well. The party is modeled after a 1931 movie premiere--complete with flapper girls, Champagne and music from the Singapore Slingers, an early-1900s-style jazz orchestra--and takes place from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Texas Theatre (or the "Oswald capture theater," as Hamburger calls it). Tickets are $25, with group discounts available, at 214-948-1546 or free with purchase of a $30 VIP film club membership card.
Fri., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., 2010


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