Caught On Tape

Back in the 1970s people were naïve and paranoid. They thought wiretapping was a bad idea. I mean really, wasn't the whole Watergate thing and those subpoenaed tape recordings by Nixon one big misunderstanding? Come on, who hasn't eavesdropped on a private conversation or bugged a few people's offices before? We've all done it—listened in. Like when we could've fast-forwarded, but instead we listened to a lengthy voice-mail recorded by a caller who forgot to hang up their phone. Still, it's comforting that we live in an enlightened time where everyone embraces the routine warrantless surveillance of our lives. Seriously though, rewind to 1974, four months before Nixon's resignation, when Francis Ford Coppola paused between the first two Godfathers to direct a movie about the consequences of wiretapping. The Conversation stars Gene Hackman playing an expert eavesdropper and wiretapper who ironically cherishes his own privacy. The sobering film also features Robert Duvall, Cindy Williams and Harrison Ford. Stop by the AllGood Café tonight when the film rolls at 9 p.m. as part of their Wednesday Night Film Festival. For details call 214-742-5362 or browse
Wed., June 4, 9 p.m., 2008

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