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Caveman Strike

"I'm not 100 percent in love with your tone right now," he said to me after I tossed out a rather off-handed remark. Spending my Saturday night at a bowling alley with a few friends, I had just nailed my fifth strike in a row. "This is so easy a caveman can do it," I shouted out exuberantly. That's when a 30-something caveman stopped eating a plate of roasted duck (this is a rather upscale bowling alley) and gave me a lecture about the staggering contributions his people have made to the building blocks of civilization. I was impressed. I tried to apologize, but he remained inconsolable, until his mother called and cheered him up...on speakerphone. On Wednesday, you can catch one of the biggest bowling events in the country when the Geico Classic arrives at the AMF Irving Lanes. I'm guessing that local cavemen will boycott the event in the aftermath of the company's patently offensive ad campaign. But that bit of controversy aside, it should be a great Pro-Am tournament with a $180,000 purse. The Geico Classic works up to a PBA Pro-Am Events and Fan Day on Saturday (packages from $49 to $169) and the finals on Sunday ($15 to $60). For ticket information, call 972-790-8201. The finals will also be broadcast on ESPN at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.
Feb. 7-11


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