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Cerebral Cortex, You’re Fired

David Huntsberger describes the brain as a lazy corporate employee not cutting the mustard. One that forgets the name of the person you just met, but replays in excruciating detail the words your ex used to dump you. He muses upon robot suicides, tiny black holes with micro civilizations, minotaur nightmares and babies flipping the bird. He is also the artist of original cartoons and drawings that offer deadpan hilarious honesty that could give The Far Side a run for its money. These are just a few surprises that will pop out of Huntsberger’s mental jack-in-the-box when he performs at Dallas Comedy House (2645 Commerce St.) on Thursday. A native of Nevada, Huntsberger is a quickly rising talent, and regularly opens for such stars as Patton Oswalt and Nick Swardson. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and was a semifinalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Now, he’s here for little old you. Tickets can be reserved by calling 214-741-4448.
Thu., Jan. 10, 2013


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