Check Out the Knights on Broadway

Modern musical theater, even with all its anthropomorphic cats and pirouetting gang bangers, doesn't hold a candle to Monty Python when it comes to the absurd. The Tony Award winner Monty Python's Spamalot returns to taunt Dallas a second time, allowing audiences to join King Arthur and his knights as they face such deadly perils as fanged rabbits, Knights Who Say Ni and, the most insidious of them all, Frenchmen. The musical is cobbled together from several Monty Python franchises, including Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian and any number of bizarre sketches from Flying Circus. The songbook itself is written by Python Eric Idle, who fans will recall is responsible for most of the original Monty Python musical repertoire, as well as his own musical parody albums. So if you're accompanied by the kind of fanboy that recites the films verbatim, fear not. While this musical has its share of ex-newts, dismembered knights and swallows, it is not a direct adaptation and contains original numbers that, in true Monty Python fashion, lampoon musicals themselves. Spamalot runs from through June 26 at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Ticket prices vary. Call 214-421-5678 or visit for tickets and show times.
June 14-26, 2011

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