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Shiver. Hmm, that's something we've been doing a lot of. Flu shot be damned, we acquired a lovely affliction sometime last week that keeps us bobbing between sweaty hot flashes and, well, shivers. Fortunately, Lisa Jackson's new romantic thriller, Shiver, isn't about colds, flu-like symptoms or lying around and groaning to one's empty apartment (Admit it—you do it too.). Call us crazy, but we aren't champing at the bit to read about post-nasal drip; we just want it to stop. Her latest release is about a murder spree in New Orleans, a detective on the gruesome trail and Abby Chastain, a photographer with one helluva porn name. Will they catch the killer? Will they have to go deep into the bowels of a condemned insane asylum to solve the case? Why is a portrait photographer on the case anyway? Sounds like a perfectly campy cure for S.I.B. (Seasonal Illness Boredom). Jackson signs her first book to be published originally in hardcover 2 p.m. Sunday at Waldenbooks, 1101 Melbourne Road in Hurst. Call 817-589-1021.
Sun., April 9, 2 p.m.


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